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Why is Spotify the Most Popular Music Streaming Service?

There are dozens of streaming services that provide access to music. But the most popular platform in the world among them is Spotify.

How did Spotify Become the Most Popular Platform?

Spotify is the first streaming service that allows users to listen to music continuously. For more than 15 years of existence, the platform has collected a huge library of songs that can be played from any digital device with Internet access. However, this is not what makes Spotify so popular.

The application differs from its competitors with a smart recommendation system that selects songs that match the preferences of each user. It creates playlists based on user likes under tracks. The artificial intelligence that selects songs in Spotify is considered better than in other applications.

Another advantage of the application is a wide variety of playlists that are constantly updated, including ratings and charts of countries where the service is available.

Spotify Operating Modes

Spotify users can play songs in 2 modes: paid and free. The second option has some limitations that include:

  1. only six song skips per hour;
  2. reduced sound quality;
  3. offline listening is not available;
  4. advertising.

Spotify offers 3 subscription options: for one, two, or six people (family plan).

Additional Application Features

Spotify allows users to change the audio playback quality: from 160kbp/s to 320kbp/s. This helps to choose the mood of the songs depending on the speed of the interior. Spotify supports the Ogg Vorbis file format that makes music sound better at low bitrates.

However, although the app has a convenient smart playlist, in the first weeks it inserts tracks that users have not liked. Still, the app offers a number of options that its competitors don’t have. One of them is the Radar function, which helps users to listen to new songs.

Another useful feature is Connect. It allows users to select the device that will play the music. For example, thay can use a smartphone to control the songs that are played through the speakers.

How to Use Spotify?

Although the application contains a huge number of songs, the developers have made the process of finding tracks as simple as possible. The main page of the app includes:

  • official playlists;
  • the most popular songs of the user’s country;
  • songs that the user has listened to recently;
  • new playlist recommendations.

In the Overview tab, users can see a list of categories by song genre. The Discover section offers a list of artists and albums generated by the Spotify algorithm. In the same way, the application selects radio stations that users can also listen to in the application.

Besides, Spotify allows you to listen to songs downloaded to your smartphone from other websites. To do this, go to the Your Library section. There you can also see a list of your favorite songs.

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