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Smart Watch and TFit Application

Smart watches are now an extremely useful gadget that performs many useful functions and is convenient because it is always available and literally located on your hand. Among the inexpensive but interesting options there is a TFit smart watch that has a flash, built-in heart rate monitoring, a fitness tracker, a camera and a good application. Its average cost per piece is about $16 (data from the Alibaba website). However, you can buy them in bulk for $12.

Basic Technical Information on the TFit Smartwatch

  1. Product manufacturer: Chinese company Guangdong.
  2. Features: touch screen, built-in flash.
  3. Operating systems supported by the application: iOS and Android.
  4. Charging method: Magnetic.
  5. Display resolution: 240×240.
  6. Bluetooth: yes.

Its other features include:

  1. Support for several types of interfaces. Users can choose the one that is most convenient and beautiful for them, based on their personal tastes and preferences. They can also change the design so that they don’t get tired of it.
  2. The watch is IP68 waterproof. This means that you can wear it for about half an hour at a depth of up to 1,5 meters without worrying about their condition. It allows you to use the watch not only while walking, running, or playing tennis or basketball, but also while swimming.
  3. The built-in camera connects to a smartphone and can transmit high-quality images to it.
  4. The battery capacity is 200 mAh and it only takes 150 minutes to fully charge it.
  5. The smart watch monitors your heart rate all day long, while the TFit app immediately captures the data.
  6. The app also helps you track and record your sleep patterns by analyzing the duration of different phases.
  7. The manufacturer offers leather and silicone straps in different colors to fix the watch on your hand.
FindNow app
FindNow app

TFit App Features

The best way to install the TFit app is to use one of the directory websites with free downloadable applications for Android. Such websites are now more popular than the Play Market, as they contain many more interesting and useful mobile software. While finding, downloading and installing it from there is just as easy as from Google’s store.

Once users install the TFit app, they will realize that smartwatches are not just another fancy gadget. They also serve as an advanced fitness trainer that tracks their physical activity and visually displays their health status. Although these devices have appeared recently, they have quickly gained huge popularity for being effective and easy to use.

The TFit smart watch, together with its mobile application, can measure various physiological parameters. For example, they can track your sleep efficiency, heart rate variability, and more.

It helps users to know their daily and weekly activity data, and track all changes with convenient graphs and charts in the app. In addition, based on the information collected, the TFit mobile application makes a list of useful recommendations that will help users improve their health and stay in good physical shape for a long time. They can also use the collected data to better describe their condition when they visit a doctor. That is, smart watches, together with their application, help specialists make diagnoses more accurately.

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