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How to create a mobile application on the basis of the website

Mobile applications are useful to businesses and customers, and this is the reason why almost half of the existing companies in the modern world already have them. Every producer wants to solve production and economic issues with a convenient device. Various versions of it are popular, such as e-commerce platforms, games, online learning and social networking. In this article, we will try to find out how you can make a mobile application from your website.

The mobile application for the site and its strengths

There are at least several reasons that should prompt you to convert the website to a mobile version for smartphones:

  • easy to move between tabs;
  • search engine optimization
  • user-friendliness of interface;
  • use of repetitive subscriptions;
  • the potential sending of notifications to users.

Another strength of this solution is that mobile apps have more access to various features of the phone, as opposed to the browser for mobile devices. Therefore, you can integrate your program with phone contacts and GPS camera functions.

First steps in creating a mobile application from the website

First of all, you should plan what features the new version of your Internet resource will have. This will help you to have a clear and satisfactory idea of what you should create, as well as help you calculate costs and plan a smooth budget. Each function will necessarily benefit your target audience.

During the development period, when you decide on the main features of your mobile version, you should find the right developers. So, you can hire a full-time team, or you can outsource the job. Both of these options have the same pros and cons. A personal team will probably cost you a lot of money. Therefore, you’ll have to pay rent, hardware, software, taxes, and leave at least. However, in this case, you will be able to control the whole development and create a product that exactly matches your preliminary specifications. Outsourcing is the cheapest option, but if you do, you won’t be able to control all aspects of the development process.

Creation of mobile applications

Subsequent stages

Once you have a list of functions and a satisfactory development team, you can proceed to calculate costs. The more complicated your application is, the more expensive its whole development.

There are several factors that you should take into account when evaluating possible investments:

  • the number of functions;
  • time schedule;
  • number and qualification of developers.

If you find out that you’re going out of your budget, you should reconsider the features of your future product. You need to figure out what your program needs now and what can wait until the next stages of development. In addition to basic functionality, UX design is a very important factor that you and your team should consider when creating an interface.

If such a set of actions seems difficult and expensive, you can try using special online services that can convert a site to a mobile application in a few minutes. These include Tadapp Native, Appmaker or Appverter. If your resource has been developed to meet the WordPress standards, you can simplify the task and immediately start using special plugins. Nevertheless, in this case, you have to consider that free options will not provide your product with fast and wide functionality. As a result, you get a regular product that is more like a demo version. If you want to get a high-performance product for a wide audience, we will reinstate you to pay for services or even hire a development team.

As with the target page, social media publication or email campaign, once a product is created, you should test your application and then send it to the App Store. This will allow you to configure your functionality accurately and eliminate any malfunctions or deficiencies before users discover them by themselves.

If your product is ready for active usage, you should send it to the appropriate App Store. Typically, verification of any product takes at least three days. When your product is approved, it will be available for download by users.

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