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Google Play Music: Convenient Functionality and Millions of Licensed Tracks

The Google Play Music application helps listeners to be always up to date with new music releases and be the first to hear them, as well as listen to their favorite music anywhere and anytime. The service provides users with access to millions of songs and all radio stations, and therefore everyone will like it.

About the Application

Google Play Music was created as a music streaming and track storage application. In May 2011, the developers launched a beta version of the app, and in November it became available to all users.

The service’s online storage includes millions of different songs from artists around the world. The application allows users to download music to their phone or listen to it directly from the storage. These options are only available by subscription. Google Play Music provides a free 30-day trial period, and after that it starts charging users a subscription fee.

Google Play Music also has a radio station option. The playlist is compiled based on all the user’s musical preferences.

Subscription Plans

After the first registration, the service offers users a free subscription that includes the following features:

  • playlist making function;
  • radio without ads;
  • listening to any tracks from the application’s library.

After the trial period expires, the app starts charging users a fixed amount of money every month. You can cancel your subscription in advance by selecting the appropriate item in the Settings menu. However, the application will work until the paid period ends, even after the subscription is canceled.

Users can use all the features of Google Play Music without restrictions by purchasing a subscription. There are two of them in the application:

  1. Individual plan: the cheapest, works on one account.
  2. Family plan: more expensive, allows users to connect up to 6 accounts.

After paying for a subscription, users get access to the track storage, they can add their music to the library, download songs and listen to them at any time, even while offline. Google Play Music works with the official Android Music Player.

Google Play Music
Google Play Music

Registration in the Application

Many devices have the application preinstalled. If yours doesn’t have it, it’s very easy to download Google Play Music from the official Play Market. After you install the service on your mobile phone, you need to sign up by entering your Google account details. if you don’t have the latter, you need to create it.

When you enter the application, all the tracks you downloaded from the Play Market will automatically be transferred from your smartphone’s memory to the Google Play Music storage.

Downloading Music from the App

The main advantage of Google Play Music is that its paid subscription allows users to download any tracks from their library. If you want to download a song to your phone, just open the app, select the song, and click on its cover. A menu with a Download button will appear on your screen. If you want to download all the songs from your playlist, use the web version of the service.

Sometimes the service shows tracks that do not match the user’s preferences. This can happen either because the listener’s tastes have changed or they have been listening to something new lately. If the user resets the history of recommendations in the settings, the application will collect information about them again.

Google Play Music will appeal to the most demanding listeners. The application is easy to use and has a huge library of licensed music. Downloading and installing the service is also easy, so even inexperienced users can do it.

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