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Book of Dead Slot Application: Key Features and Gameplay

The Book of Dead game, featuring Rich Wilde, is widely recognized and favored worldwide. It is part of the popular Wilde game series developed by Play’n GO. Casinos allow gamblers to play Book of Dead on any mobile device by offering their websites in the HTML5 standard and mobile applications. Let’s look at the features of the online casino Book of Dead slot app.

First impression

Book of Dead review should start with the first impression. The slot machine has a clear structure and is fast-paced with colorful graphics. It is set in an antique burial chamber in an Egyptian temple, which is reflected in the background design, unique reel design, and music.

The game features a smoothly-running, well-developed graphic design that evokes the adventurous feel and content of the Indiana Jones series. It shares similarities with the series, including the game title, its main protagonist Rich Wilde, and the Book of Dead.

As previously stated, the game’s pace is rapid, with no long bonus interruptions. Only winning free spins will result in a short activation sequence where the golden Book of Dead opens. Play’n GO, the software provider, has crafted a beginner-friendly slot with simple and easy-to-follow gameplay.

Book of Dead game
The gameplay in Book of Dead is simple

Players can easily identify winning combinations thanks to the pay line display. The on-screen menu is well-organized with a few buttons, allowing for individual settings of the bet size, number of coins, and pay lines.

Design and sound

The slot has an Egyptian theme portrayed through symbols and styles commonly seen in Egyptian media. The design is visually appealing, with a cohesive and colorful layout. The character of Rich Wilde is similar to an explorer like Indiana Jones, giving players an understanding of his background story. The card symbols are detailed with gold accents, and the picture icons are also intricately designed.

The Book of the Dead is a great example of the design style. It features a golden scarab beetle on a golden book cover with a decorative frame adorned with small green gemstones. The book’s design, with its golden pages, is intricate, and the picture icons are based on characters from Egyptian mythology, such as the god Anubis, represented by a jackal head wearing a traditional headdress.

You can find this character in many casino games.

Design in Book of Dead

The slot machine is in an ancient temple or crypt with ornate columns on either side. The columns are decorated with intricate hieroglyphs and ornaments. The reels are bordered by slim, golden lines and separated by slender pillars. The game’s design is very detailed and depicts Egyptian-style decorations, including gold and Egyptian blue colors used in the pillar designs.

The slot graphics are detailed and add value to the gaming experience. The game’s soundtrack and sound effects also fit the Egyptian theme, featuring typical instruments like drums, harps, strings, and flutes. The music highlights the adventurous character of the game.

The game includes sounds that play when certain events occur, such as winning combinations on pay lines, displaying the amount won, opening the book, and drawing a bonus symbol for free spins. These sounds are diverse and fitting for the game.

Book of the Dead gameplay

The Book of Dead casino game is easy to understand and has a fast pace. It has five reels, three rows, and a maximum of ten pay lines. Players can customize the number of pay lines and coin values according to their preferences. The slot also has a risk function, making it more attractive for gamblers. It offers an auto-play function and the option to set a maximum bet size.

The game features various picture icons that match its theme, including the book icon that shows a golden book adorned with a large scarab beetle and a green gem on its cover. This icon is essential for winning free spins and can act as a wild card to complete winning combinations.

In the game, the picture icons include the hero as well. If you combine five Rich Wilde symbols, your stake will be multiplied by 5,000. Three other graphical symbols have an Egyptian theme: a golden pharaoh figure (Osiris), the god Anubis, and a blue bird symbol (Horus). The Osiris symbol has a higher multiplication rate compared to the other two.

Combinations in Book of Dead

The picture icons are more detailed than the well-known card symbols such as the ten, jack, queen, king, and ace. The card symbols have lower multiplication rates compared to the graphical symbols.

The online casino slot has a Gamble feature that allows you to increase your winnings. In the Gamble mode, you’ll be presented with a face-down card. You can predict whether it’s a particular color or suit. If you predict the correct color, you’ll get 2x your winnings. If you predict the correct suit, you’ll get 4x your winnings. If you guess incorrectly, you’ll lose your winnings.

The RTP for this game is 96.21%, which is a little higher than the industry standard of 95%. The RTP indicates the theoretical percentage of the total bets on this game that will be paid out as winnings.

Overall, Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead is an exciting app that combines graphics, sound effects, and gameplay. The design is well thought out, with its Egyptian theme setting it apart from other available slot games. With fast-paced action, customizable options for players to choose their bet size and number of pay lines, as well as the risk function feature, make this a must-play for any casino or gambling fan.

Whether you’re looking for entertainment on the go or trying to win big prizes playing online slots, we recommend this application.

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