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Bitcoin mixers: features of applications

Bitcoin mixer is a technological platform for anonymizing transactions in bitcoin networks. Such platforms collect coins from multiple users who plan to remain anonymous. Then, this platform sends tokens from another wallet back minus commission.

The wallet from which the money is returned to you is not connected with another user. At the end of the operation, this mixer erases all communication between the BTC and the sender.

Choosing a suitable BTC Mixer

On every platform, you can find many strengths. For example, has great and justified popularity among users. Pay attention to a few crucial points to choose the best bitcoin mixer. Among them are:

  1. Reputation. It would be best if you read reviews to avoid the risk of fraud and other dangers.
  2. Blockchain analysis for successful identification. Other organizations or persons can mark some platforms, and this helps them find some users. Such websites will help you check a particular platform for the presence of similar marks.
  3. Backup. The more the particular platform’s backup has, the better.

Additional features will ensure you a lot of comfort and anonymity, such as mailing from different addresses and deferred transactions.

Usage and popular platforms

The mixer is a website and its application that receives coins from users. Tokens are split, randomly mixed, and sent back. The operation of such platforms needs a small cost, which depends on the amount and number of transfers. To get the best result, you will have to perform several mixes.


Here are the most popular Bitcoin mixers:

  • BitMix;
  • SmartMixer;
  • Mixer.Money;
  • Bitcoin Laundry;
  • BitBlender;
  • CoinMX;
  • ChipMixer;
  • Best Mixer;
  • BitWhisk.

Bitcoin mixers are divided into two types. The centralized mixers, the first generation, remain very few. On such a platform, the user deposits money, pays for the service, and receives the corresponding amount from another user. The more money and users you have in the whole website system, the greater the level of anonymity.

The decentralized (peer-to-peer) ones are an exchange without intermediaries and direct contact with other users. There is little chance of fraud, and protocols allow multiple users to merge to create general and phased transactions. On this type of platform, users do not store sender and recipient addresses because only the server does this directly.

Some features

  • the unique code that the user receives at the first spin;
  • the recipient’s address, which is the wallet on which bitcoin is being dug;
  • delay of the back transaction from the mixer to the user, which the user can create;
  • platform commission, which can be pretty high, which means a large number of transactions from legitimate sources;
  • operations — when conducting transactions, users receive some vital information, such as the address of the wallet, the code of confirmation of ownership of the coins, and the letter of guarantee; we advise you to permanently save this information as you need it for a refund.

Additionally, each user can enable randomization or automatic configuration of the mixer.

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